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Customers can request information from you by sending a keyword (e.g. Stocks, Cur) to a special SMS service number. In response, your applications can compose a reply message (e.g. a stock quote or currency exchange rate) which will be sent back to the mobile user. 

We provide two solutions for establishing info-on-demand SMS services:
  • Service hosting via our global number +65 96851200
  • Setting up your own local mobile access number on our servers 

Service Hosting via +65 96851200  

  • You must have access to a web server and CGI programming experience 
  • We provide one SMS access number which is shared by our customers
  • You can register one or several keywords on our web site
  • Each keyword is associated with a CGI script on your web server
  • If a mobile user sends a message beginning with one of your keywords to the number +65 96851200, the corresponding CGI script will be called by our server.
  • Your script's response is sent back to the mobile user

Setting up Your Own Access Number  

  • You enter a mobile subscription with a network operator of your choice and provide us with the accompanying SIM card. 
  • The mobile subscription will need to include foreign network roaming.
  • You send the SIM card via mail to us. We need the following information: mobile phone number, name of operator, PIN code of the SIM card, PUK1 code of the SIM card, URL to which the incoming SMS messages should be transferred to.
    We install the SIM card in our systems and listen to the accompanying mobile number.
  • Each message sent to your mobile number will be translated into a call to an arbitrary CGI script you define
  • To send back SMS responses to mobile users, you can use our programmatic interfaces
  • For more information, please contact us 
  • Costs for each SIM card we host for you

    Monthly hosting fees: USD$70

    One-time setup fees:
    As soon as your service has been setup, you will receive an invoice. Payment is due within 30 days, in SGD.

    Monthly hosting fees:
    Pay for your monthly hosting fees online.

    Contract length:
    Please inform GSMActive 30 days in advance via E-Mail (sales@smsxchange.com) if you would like to stop them hosting a SIM card for you. If SMSXchange has hosted a SIM card of yours, it will be returned to you via mail.

    Geographical coverage of both solutions
    With few exceptions, a mobile number can be reached from all countries and networks we can send messages to (see Worldwide Coverage).

    Charging your mobile phone users
    Charging the mobile phone user for the SMS message being sent to him is only possible in cooperation with an operator directly. The operator technically sets up the necessary infrastructure and charges the mobile phone user on his monthly phone bill. The revenues are being shared between you and the operator.

    Only mobile phone users with a subscription to this specific operator can use such mobile-originated SMS services; no other subscribers can. Besides, only a few operators offer such partnerships. Therefore, this solution is not suitable if mobile phone users of several operators, maybe even located in several countries, should be able to use your mobile-originated service.