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SMSXchange.com is a portal that provides outsourced SMS services and is started by Inixus Media Pte Ltd. 

Inixus Media is an Internet end-to-end solution provider which provides web design, ecommerce and mobile services.

In June 2000, Inixus Media released the first version of their Inixus SMSGate software solution. This software allows websites to send out SMS from their website, and provide SMS info-on-demand services within their website. 

Subsequently in September 2000, the Inixus SMSMessenger was released as Freeware to the public. This is a desktop client software which allows users to send SMS messages from their desktop via the SMSXchangeTM

However, many companies do not want to spend time integrating their own SMS gateway and requested instead for a SMS outsourced solution. To meet this request, Inixus Media started the SMSXchangeTM portal to push all SMS solutions, products and subscription plans.

In September 2001, Inixus Media forms subsidiary GSMActive to market SMS products and services.