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SMS delivery through our service is possible by several means.

The same "all-inclusive" message rates apply to all access methods; there are no one-time or recurring fees for using either method.

HTTP Application Interface

  • For programmatic SMS delivery from applications and web site scripts
  • Transmission of messages to our center via HTTP
  • Suitable for throughput rates of up to 5-10 messages per second
  • IP-based access control for increased security

    Download our technical specification.

    E-Mail Interface
  • E-Mail-to-SMS for bulk delivery of SMS messages
  • For easy integration with websites hosted on Virtual Servers. Platform independent.

    Dedicated Hosting
    If you require priority SMS delivery, SMSXchange can set up dedicated SMS gateway for your website's usage.


  • Own Message Queue
  • Dynamic Sender Number Programming
  • Your own number for 2-way SMS messaging

    Costs for each server

    One-time setup fees: USD$2000
    Monthly fees: USD$150

    The normal per message charges will still apply.