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GSMActive seeks investors and funds for global expansion.

Please email invest@gsmactive.com for enquiries.

SMS Gateway -
make your last switch!

SMSxchangeTM is a SMS Outsourced solution. No one comes close.

Based in Singapore. Delivering SMS for Companies and Individuals since year 2001. One of the world's first and longest operating SMS Gateways.

Don't waste time with companies who may close down tomorrow. SMSXchange provides 7 days support, 365 days a year. We have multiple connections. Choose different price and features and reliability.

Low Cost
Wide Coverage
As low as S$0.05 cents per SMS to many locations.**
No Setup Fee / No monthly fee.
** Price will vary with volume
Repliable Messages
No extra fee for repliable messages.
Choose from repliable or non-repliable messages.
Message replies can be forwarded to you email or to servers for post-processing*
* extra charges will apply
Easy Integration
We've done all the hardwork. Sample codes in VB, COM, ASP, HTML, Perl, PHP, Coldfusion, Java, JSP. Even updated for .NET sample code

SMS to Email
Empower your mobile phone. Send email using any phone. Our SMS-Email e-SMS allows you to convert SMS to email.

Easy Switching

Switch from other gateways with ease. We support logo and pictures in gif, bmp, NOL, NLM formats.

Supports All Phone Brands
Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, Ericsson, Sagem, EMS phones like Alcatel/Panasonic/Samsung.

Message Fail Retry
We are the only gateway that retries sending your sms for you to make doubly sure that your sms goes through.

Set your own backup gateway for retries or none if you insist on only 1 gateway support.

Fast and Reliable Transmission
Redundant servers guarantee the highest possible delivery speed! Option to set up dedicated server for your use for websites that require time-critical SMS delivery.
Email To SMS 
Have Network Monitoring Software that sends email? But can't send SMS, have no worries, convert Emails to SMS. No programming needed. No software hacks, simply perfect conversion technology pioneered and perfected 10 years before any other SMS company in the world.
Supports All SMS Formats

Send Concatenated EMS

Animated Screensavers


Coloured Wallpapers
Send text, unicode, flash, blinking, group graphics, logos, ringtones, screensavers , profile downloads or screensavers, nokia business card, nokia calendar events, WAP-OTA Configurations, WAP BookmarksNew, EMS, EMS Animations, EMS Ringtones, Concatenated EMS, Coloured Wallpapers, Animated Screensavers, Alcatel Pictures, Alcatel Polyphonic Ringtones, 2-way messaging, Email-to-SMS.

Access up to 4 providers
Divert your SMS to up to 4 providers. Set your own backup Gateway.

Detailed SMS Logs
We have complete detailed logs of all your sms transmission.

Zero Time to Market
Sign up today for a free trial account, and add SMS delivery to your website in a minutes!

Immediate Account Activation
No lengthy application process or approval process.

Immediate Crediting with Online Purchase
Pay via credit card / Paypal and get your credits immediately. No waiting, no emailing, no calls needed.

Free Trial
Sign up for an account and we give you 3 SMS to try out our service! Pay only when you are truly satisfied with our service.

FREE! Addressbook Messenger Software

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