Below lists answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Q1. The interface to your site is via HTTP and CGI hook. Can you give me a listing of your interface library?

A. We provide sample scripts, accessible upon signup and login in the following languages: Coldfusion, Perl CGI, Java, JSP, ASP, VB, PHP, now including .NET in C#

Q2. What is the effort to integrate to your web-site?

A. You can get your site up in minutes. This is because we provide sample code for most platforms.

Q3. Can your site support Chinese / 8-bit languages?

A. We now support Unicode messaging for Chinese and other language SMS. However, these are subject to telco-telco interface support.

Q4. Is it possible to add a signature in the end of messages/pictures/logos/ringtones/etc. sent from my site? Eg. having the message look like "BlaBlaBla... - via MySite.com!".

A. Yes, just append it at the end of your sms message, but do bear in mind text sms has a fixed length of 160 characters.

Q5. I plan to use your info-on-demand service. However I'll have a question: What I need is to collect information, I do not need to send anything back. So if I apply for a keyword, pay the monthly fee and use it without buying any sms, will that be ok?

A. You can just use it to collect information... no SMS is needed...Only SMS transmitted back to recipient is charged..

Q6. What is your coverage list of networks?

A. After signing up for your FREE account, you will have access to our list of network operators. This list though extensive may not be completely updated as we are constantly on the lookout for new providers. The only sure way is to do a test SMS using our 3 complimentary SMS credits.

Q7. Can you give me detailed pricing information?

A. Pricing is now on our pricing page Click here for details

Q8. Can you provide me detailed information on your service?

A. After you sign up for a FREE account, you will be allowed to download our white papers and sample scripts that explain our service and show how you can integrate your website or application with our SMS gateway.

Q9. I tried sending a picture message but i received a group graphic instead. What is wrong?

A. This happens when you leave the sms parameter blank. This parameter helps our system distinguish between a group graphic and a picture message. You may specify a space if you are transmitting a picture message without any accompanying text message.

Q10. How long does it take to have sms available after we purchase?

A. Immediate. If after purchasing the credits do not show up, you have missed the last step which is clicking the last button to return to the SMSXchange website. This action will auto credit the sms to your account.

Q11. Do you support sending Nokia screensavers?

A. Screensavers is part of a format called Profile Download. We support profile downloads.

Q12. I am trying to send a picture message but I do not get the picture or the image received appears distorted. What is wrong?

A. Graphic content must be prepared in gif / bmp format. The graphic must be only black and white 1-bit and saved as non-interlaced. To check the graphic settings, simply right click on the graphic and view the file properties unders summary tab. This will display how many colors the graphic is saved in.